Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Gulfstream, RV company located in Elkhart, IN, is getting in trouble for FEMA trailers but they are pleading doing what where told to do. Apparently there were accounts of employees suffering from nose bleeds, headaches, EAR BLEEDS and a sundry of other nastiness during the production of these alleged boxes of doom. Gulfstream said they measured the levels of formaldehyde with a formaldehydemeter. Sounds very scientific (they said it is NOT a scientific calculation). And the levels were bad and they told FEMA but FEMA didn't care. So whatchyagunnado. This is only making bad situations worse. Industry lows have created huge layoffs and production cuts now if there were litigation against Gulfstream it would just further cripple the economy of Indiana. What I would like to know is why there are still 15000 of these units being occupied three years after the hurricane. Also what the heck where they planning on doing with these units once there are no longer of use. Seriously we all knew they were headed for the dump. So now the question should not be blame games but how are we going to effectively dispose of these corpses on wheels. Formaldehyde would happen to be what you keep dead things in. Also did you know that one solution to Formaldehyde is plants. Plants actually remove this toxin from the air and counter sick building syndrome. SBS would be what everyone appears to be suffering from.

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Then you are saying we should make portable greenhouses to grow food in with the FEMA units? Now thats something to think about. Life throws you lemons plant a tomato plant!