Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today marks my third month in New York.  When I think about the fact that it has only been three months I am kind of floored.  This whole experience has been such a growing one that it feels like so much longer.  Everyday just brings so much into sight.

I have a little inspiration for you.

I'm smitten.  Mrs. Ambrose was a Fibers student a few years ahead of myself.  We didn't have any classes together but her name was a constant around the department, especially after she graduated.

Lexi and I were just talking this evening about how the Fibers program really brought a group of like-minded people together and cultivated our already different way of looking at things.  A little group of subversion.

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Katherine Ross said...

What a sweet little film. I loved some of the things she said about reusing fabric and how the imperfections are her favorite. Very inspiring indeed!

Happy three months!