Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the magic of McGolrick

My commute is a few blocks longer these days (6 to be exact) but it's only on nasty rainy days that I mind.  The best part of my day is the blocks closest to home when I get to walk by McGolrick Park.

I walked past this park for the first few weeks I was in the City - but it was early spring and still kind of dull.  (Plus there are these bench enclaves where drunk Polish men seem to congregate so I usually walked pretty fast past the park.)  It is one avenue wide and two blocks long - so small and much only slightly larger than the Squares in Savannah.  Not that many days ago I finally ventured inside and what I found was magic.

 The trees are tall - so very tall.  Most of the park is shaded by these giant guys.

 Something I did notice those months ago was the redbud blooms.  Now they are leaves.  I love, love the leaves of a redbud.

 There are so many walking paths in the park.  I believe there are about eight diagonals leading to the center.  There is also a playground surrounded by foliage so it makes it kind of like a tree house playground.  Each sidewalk is tree lined and each with benches.

 In the center is this pavilion structure.  Kids love to skate in the center piazza.

 Old Polish ladies like to catch up on park benches.

 The park is a perfect place to meet up with a good friend.  Just ask Lexi!

There is a dog park on one end (don't tell Stella) and in the malls between the paths neighbors are always throwing a ball to their pups or children.

At dusk, when the lamps start to light it just turns magical.

We can't forget Wakarusa's own little magical spot.  Mom's got it in full bloom!  Just check out those roses peaking into the corner of the picture.

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Katherine Ross said...

That second to last photo really is magical, like a fairy garden or something!