Saturday, April 7, 2012

just keep on

You know, lately, I have been very stress-filled.  I realize that this stress is not inflicted from any outside source and completely in my own mind/gut.

In an intense moment of determination I spent last Wednesday afternoon eating my lunch and reading and breathing on the top deck.  And for that day, I stopped worrying.  It was lovely.

The sun still shone.

The love found me on Driggs Street.

The trees somehow sprang leaves.

Then, somehow, I got an email, a phone call, and an interview.

Come Monday (and Wednesday, and Thursday), I have a job to go to.

I have taken this as a giant lesson in how worrying is good for nothing - if only realizing helped me to convince myself that I should just relax and not worry.

I try to remember the love.

Eventually, I just decided to call it an early holiday weekend and retreat to Long Island.

Lexi shared with me her plans on a new quilt project.

I made sure the lucky brass elephant Tim gave me for graduation was facing east.

Lexi and I retreated to a nap on the lawn.

We took life advice from Maria Von Trapp and reveled in The Sound of Music.  Our squeals interrupted all the good parts as we commiserated with Maria's nervousness in the uncertainty of her future and were reminded to consider all the good things when things are looking down.  Good lessons.

 I had barely finished my breakfast when I was reminded of my favorite people and had chats with Mom, J, and Christy.  It was a sunny crisp morning and I sat on the picnic table out back (by this tiny forsythia bush) while I chatted with Mom about Zachary's pending prom attire.  Wing-tipped shoes from ebay - he has my approval.

In the afternoon we laced up our boot and took to the forest.   

 The trees were there to remind us to stop with the worry.

 I put my new shoes to the test scrambling up on the fallen log. I feel so 1940s school book character in this outfit.

 The Road to the Beach was a popular one.  Filled with lots of people and pups.

 At the end of the road we found the Bay.  That same Bay we were marveling at just a few days back.  There we many happy dogs mucking around in the water - running wild.  Happy as clams.

For now I will try to remember that Spring is very new and everything will grow from here.


Lizzie said...

These photos are gorgeous and so reflective of your new found peacefulness. I'm loving tagging along with you through these posts!

Heather Falardeau said...

Hi Sharon - I stumbled upon your blog in a bout of Facebook boredom and just wanted to let you know that it has been such a pleasure to read through! Your photos are so expressive and your attention to the details is beautiful. Best of luck with your New York adventures, it already looks promising!
-Heather Falardeau

RARRAT said...

you show such beautiful sides of the city miss S.Rose. miss you