Monday, April 30, 2012

hitting the month mark

Last Friday marked my official one month anniversary of "the move".  What a month.

The city had quite a bit of rain last week so the roses in the East Village are coming into bloom.

I was blown away by a specimen of this Japanese dye technique.  In moments like that I remember how cool my job is.

We've been in the same state for over a month but it was just last week that Lexi and I finally had a tea date.  It was, I think, nine pm at Babycakes.  Perfect.

I was shown the importance of ANZAC Day by two Australians.  It is a day dedicated to those who served in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps during World War I.  Many folk, such as the two featured Aussies, also mark the day by baking an oatmeal, coconut cookie such that was baked to send to soldiers overseas.

These pretty flowers in Tompkins Square enjoyed the rain a bit more than I did.

Saturday, I was back in Brooklyn enjoying McCarren Park.

Saturday evening was spent chatting with my housemates for the month of May.

That's right - I have keys. I am subletting from a friend in Greenpoint.  I am really enjoying the neighborhood.

After a delicious Sunday brunch with the lovely Jessica G. at Brooklyn Label, I was wandering home and saw these beautiful roses just going wild.  They are about the size of my palm and I thought roses like this only grew in fairy-tales or my mother's gardens.  They smelled beautiful too.

Sunday afternoon I did something that I hadn't done in over a month - unpacked all of my clothes.  Most of which were in need of a wash.

That evening marked a first.  As I am growing up, I have to mark all the "firsts", and this was my first New York Laundromat experience.  I know it sounds silly and I've done my laundry in a laundromat for times than I care to count but there was a definite feeling of accomplishment associated with my first city wash.  It was quite easy and I know that many people "send their clothes out" to be done but I found it just as easy to throw them in washer myself.  I'm fairly certain it was all in all cheaper than washing clothes in the dorms or other laundromats of Savannah.

(the best kind of slot machine because I always break even)

Yes, I am the nerd that folds all her clothes in the laundromat, takes a picture of it, and puts it one the internet. 

Tonight, I was able to meet up with Josh and Whitney's cousin Laura.  She and her boyfriend were in town visiting and we sat down to Japanese and giant vats of veggie soba soup.  It was amazing.  I have had such a hankering of a giant bowl of soup and slurping it up with such lovely company was exactly what I had in mind.  Not to mention the un-ending saki that comes with dinner.


Lizzie said...

I can't believe you've been there an entire month! And I love that you're "nerdy" enough to fold your clothes right in the laundromat and take a picture of them. I quite enjoyed the photo, along with all the others :)

Katherine Ross said...

Anzak bickies!!! YUM! I hope you were able to try one (but I'm guessing you didn't, with all the butter and gluten they have baked in!) I haven't had one since high school probably, but they're my absolute favorite.

And those roses! How lovely.

Thank you for being a nerd and sharing a photo of your laundry. I am loving these little glimpses into your big city life :)