Sunday, October 30, 2011

to inspire work

Feeling the need for inspiration, I've collected the following images:
 Frost on my kale.

There is nothing like the good pick-me-up of working on the sets.  Friday we began work on the fall drama's sets.  I had a great crew helping paint and prep for Saturday's big paint day.  There were exactly the right number of students and it was just a really fun and productive time.  Saturday afternoon we all walked away with an amazing sense of accomplishment.
We used a stencil and a kind of assembly line technique to faux wallpaper the whole thing.  I really like how it turned out and am excited to get it finished with dressing it out and painted floors (a better photo will come when it is all dressed up and lights are on it).  Opening night is only twelve days away!


Josiah T. said...

I have found myself doing the same thing recently. Though mine is more taking all the online resources I have collected over the years in Bookmarks and favorites over the years and putting them on my computer directly.

Though pictures... I need to start taking more of those...

RARRAT said...

the set is looking good girl! you guys must have a really talented set designer!