Tuesday, October 25, 2011

shift in seasons

The sky is getting grumpy.  Last night it was as clear as a bell and a red aurora borealis dashed quickly across the night.  It was magical.  Tonight big storm clouds rolled in and the blue sky of earlier today was pushed out of the way by lightening and thunderclaps.  

Usually, I am saddened by fall, but this year I am welcoming shift in seasons.  All the corn is coming in and the leaves falling down.  The change in the environment is so noticeable.   It makes me think that it is breathing a sigh of relief to welcome the rest and peacefulness winter has to offer.

Time has passed so quickly that I am now in full gear for the fall drama sets.  The fall drama which opens in two weekends!  Yikes.


Lizzie said...

I do miss those good Indiana storms . . .

RARRAT said...

Did I ever thank you for notifying me of the aurora borealis? That was the first time I have seen them and it was quite awesome. All thanks to you.