Thursday, June 2, 2011

busy bees

It has been a very busy week here at the ol' Telschow homestead.  Preparations are in full swing for Lewis' graduation celebration this weekend.  A long list of those need to get done projects finally are having an excuse to be done.  New pathsways have been laid, fountains built, the porch and deck repainted, steps rebuilt, many weeds pulled and a new shade garden planted.  And we haven't gone indoors yet.

It is really nice to spend time outside in my favorite season of bloom...peony season.

  A bud from this past weekend right before it unfurled.
There are so many blooms and nothing beats being able to cut a HUGE bouquet and giving them to somebody.

Tuesday, I went for my surgery consultation (I was somehow confused into thinking that it would be the actual surgery but this was not the case.) and as I'm getting ready I start to think - I wonder if the surgeon's secretary would like some peonies?  But dismissed the idea.  As of now I'm scheduled to have surgery on the 28th of June.  Fun.  Currently I have been able to contain attacks through diet so I am feeling really well.  I also been able to incorporate some meats here and there too and I think that is probably a good thing for me.

I also heard today that the US is revamping the food guide pyramid (once again) but from the sounds of it the new plate diagram should actually be a good guide.  Half is devoted to fruits and vegetables, a quarter to whole grains, a quarter to protein with a cup of dairy on the side.  I am really glad to see this standardized change.     

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