Thursday, March 31, 2011

a recount of the whirlwind

Last weekend had some pretty awesome moments and I do believe they need their due recognition.  I will now commence with the recap.

 It was warm enough during the day that I plugged the fountains in at the shop.  But at night it was below freezing so we had our own nature-made free-form ice sculpture. 

 The maple tree we climbed as kids still has these ethereal leaves hanging from its limbs. They are just so beautiful in the rain.

We drove to Purdue last Friday and attended Samuel's senior thesis presentation and show.  I am so proud of him.  He is graduating in May.

It was a super-awesome double-Sam-wham weekend.  Josiah and Same came to the little brothers' play on Sunday and we all got to have a big breakfast together.  Samuel also brought his girlfriend, Laura, and so she got to experience the Telschow dinner table.  She's a brave lady!
 My camera kind of wigged out about the back lighting and did not focus well, apologies.  The family with G-Ma and Aunt Roxanne.

 Lewis and Melanie after their seven hundredth wedding and last musical performance at NorthWood.  Seniors!

 Rachel drove straight up from Indianapolis, where she was visiting friends for the weekend, and brought the boys these beautiful ranunculus bunches.

 CUTE!  Laura and Samuel.  Laura is super cool and I got to meet her for the first time on Friday and then see her again on Sunday.  It was quite nice.

 Here is a shot of the sets (with lots of cast and crew member).  They were pretty simple.  You can't have too much going on with a sixty person chorus dancing on the stage.

The daffodils were just about ready to burst into bloom.  But not quite.

 The crocuses Mom planted in the yard for me, however, were in full force.  The best little suprises.

 Stella thought she was a beaver and kept chewing on that stick even though I hid it in the walnut tree (at right) twice.  She kept getting it...I don't know how.

 I washed and line-dried up all my woolies.  My many sweaters and socks were all packed up.

Rachel came over last night and helped me get already for my flight this morning.  She gave me the cutest "will you be my bridesmaid?" packet.  It is complete with mini-bios of all the other ladies and the flower girl.  I've been doing a little preliminary brainstorming for the big maid of honor speech.

I am presently propped up on a PILE of pillows in my hotel bed.  All of the plane travels and adventures around Ottawa have me totally zapped.     


Josiah T. said...

I miss you already.... AND I"M NOT EVEN THERE!

Safe travels Sharon.

Katherine Ross said...

YAY! I can't wait to read all about your adventures!!