Sunday, September 14, 2008


I was supposed to be asleep at 11pm. It is now 12:32am. In the morning it is my first day of my senior year. I am really excited to be getting back to class after a wonderful break. Projects and ideas keeps simmering through my mind. Thusly I have had troubles getting it to calm. And I think I may have actually devised a game plan for my imminent future (Dad would be happy to know) so that is bubbling around too. All of this is causing Stella to be the only one actually in bed.

Tonight was a double feature film night. Christy and I went to see The Women. It was my fault - I dragged her to it. The film was very mistaken in many aspects of life and if people actually live like that I can understand why the world is the way they say it is. Though, of course, I LOVED Debra Messing's character. She did a fabulous job as a lady in labor. It was hilarious. Even though the film was a bit of gunk I did walk away with some stirred thoughts. It would seem that I am at a crossroads in life. Both possibilities in life lay before me and I get to choose which one. Also furthering the truth in the sunscreen song.

Conformation that I am not the only senior with insomnia tonight - Christy just texted, she can't sleep either.

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